The Panda's Population is Recovering

The Panda’s Population is Recovering

For decades, the giant panda has not only been a symbol of endangered animals but on the list of endangered species as well. But now there is a hope for these cute animals. The numerous protective measures and extensive research were successful in recent years. For the first time, the number of panda bears is […]

Living in The Holocene Extinction

If you have shied away from the news and kept your head in the sand when it comes to documentaries, if you have not been outside in the past few years you may still be unaware that there is something called global warming afoot. This planet-wide disaster also known as climate change has been speeding […]

Famously Extinct Animals

A Look at Some Species Which Will Never Return The worst fate a species can come up against is extinction which is to say that their particular breed no longer exists. This horrifying end which our innate survival skills are constantly pulling away from can occur to flora and fauna of all sizes. Extinction isn’t […]

Odd Animal Cross Breeds

As humans we have come to an incredible level of superiority over the rest of the animal kingdom. With many species now being bred for food we often forget that we also commonly use animals for transport, clothing and entertainment. Thanks to our incredible technologies that have led to both the exploitation of animals and […]

4 Ways Humans Displace Animals

It’s no overstatement to say that human beings are the superior species on planet earth. This is shown by how we thrive in virtually every environment, how we are at the very top of the food chain and how we have used our knowledge to reconstruct the environment as we see fit. Not all of […]

The Disappearance of The Honey Bee

As humans we have developed a society based around many different aspects of both nature and technology. We take for granted now that the satellites orbiting the globe will send us data on weather and location, and we also assume that fish will be in the ocean, birds will remain in the sky and bees […]

Coral Bleaching

The sea remains largely undiscovered by humans, yet we have observed the happenings that occurred beneath the waves for thousands of years. We are familiar with the large mammals and fish that roam the waters as we are with anything that comes close enough for us to explore. Coral reefs are one of the great […]

Why do people kill endangered animals?

There are many animals that are now under threat of becoming extinct. They are protected through organizations such as the World Wild Life fund. The most obvious question has got to be why poachers continue to hunt them when they know that these animals are protected by law. The most obvious answer is that they […]

The National Parks of Africa

One of the most successful ways of protecting endangered species of animals in Africa has been the implementation of National Parks. These vary in size and most countries on the continent have at least one and are seen as a way as both protecting rare species plus attracting tourists into the country. When parks were […]

The Fishing Wars in Western Europe

There have been times when certain fish have been pushed to the edge of extinction. There has always been a continuing battle in Western Europe for the best fishing grounds, with fishing fleets more than happy to travel far distances in order to catch the greatest numbers of fish. This coupled with improved technology making […]