Living in The Holocene Extinction

If you have shied away from the news and kept your head in the sand when it comes to documentaries, if you have not been outside in the past few years you may still be unaware that there is something called global warming afoot. This planet-wide disaster also known as climate change has been speeding up ever since humans double downed on industry. Thanks to our mass production, multiple pollutions and over consumptions we have essentially upset the delicate equilibrium of earth and sent it hurtling towards its 6th extinction event the Holocene extinction.

 What is an extinction event?

Just like the way that dinosaurs once dominated the earth and now can only be found buried underneath it, an extinction event is a catastrophic alteration to the makeup of the planet. The sky, air, water and land all rapidly change in a manner so volatile that most living creatures simply cannot survive. This may all sound like something out of a disaster movie (which it is) but scientists equate the data of our world today with that of the earth millions of years ago just before volcanoes erupted, blackening the sky, scorching the land and reforming the plant into what it is today.

What are the signs?

From the increased heat trapped inside the atmosphere as a result of greenhouse gases to species both on land and underwater dying in great numbers, its clear something is wrong. Ice caps that have existed for millennia are suddenly melting exponentially, while the over all air quality lowers day by day. For flora and fauna to sustain their way of life, their habitat needs to have consistent conditions, only humans are truly capable of adapting to the extremes and this isn’t without technological assistance. Coral bleaching, insect disappearance, mammalian extinction and more all point to the beginning of the end.

How are humans related?

How are humans related?
How are humans related?

Global warming does not just occur overnight, the factors that have caused the earth to heat so quickly have occurred en masse in a short space of time showing that one variation over all others is responsible – humanity. It is our smoke that chokes the air, our chemicals that poison the ocean and our need for more farming land that is the main cause for deforestation. We are the variable that has brought this event upon the planet and so far, we aren’t doing a great deal to reverse it.

So is this the end?

It may seem like we are now powerless to stop what we have already set in motion, but this isn’t true. Though our technology has caused much of the damage it can be used to correct much of the problem. Our reliance on fossil fuels is a huge part of this equation, as is our excess, it is up to those at the top to put limitations on the production of harmful materials. Mandatory electric vehicles, more solar energy and responsible packaging could be all that it takes to halt this disaster, but corporations aren’t known for their egalitarian principles. Public outcry may be the only way forward for us all.